Story and Song

Telling stories and singing songs.

These are the most powerful forms of communication you have, and your appetite for both fuels the music and movie industry, magazines, newspapers and the net.

You are in transition from a time when very few could afford to be storytellers and music makers to an era of democratisation of media that almost no-one has begun to understand.

Thirty years ago a sophisticated music production studio would have cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and now almost anyone can afford one.   Making a short film was once the province of a tiny cabal of specialists, and now anyone who wants to make a film can try their hand at it.  I’m astonished that there aren’t more drama groups around getting together to make their own little movies.  In the future, there will be, I’m sure.

Photography was once a very specialist undertaking with a very particular business model, which some photographers still adhere to.  Maybe there can still be just as many professional photographers are there ever were.

But consider this:

Ten per cent of all the photographs that have ever been shot were taken in the last year.

Extrapolate that, and look for analogies in the movie and music business, in the news distribution networks.
It will be an explosion.  There will be more music.  More story-telling.  More communication between people.   The huge difference between the past and the future is that these new forms of communication will not be subject to the authority of hierarchies which dictate who is allocated what power.  They will grow organically.

With this new freedom will come a new form of democracy which is almost impossible to envisage.

You live in interesting times.


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