All fine capitalist gentry affect to revere risk and claim it marks them out as deserving of great riches if some business enterprise they embark upon bears fruit.

Read the account of Senghenedd’s history.   The real risk takers, the men who risked their lives daily, were rewarded with little but enough to feed themselves and their families.

Part of their risk was the casual indifference of the mine owners to their safety and well-being.  Note that when miners died in their hundreds, those found negligent in their responsibilities were merely fined, and not very much at that.  The same sick values of criminal justice are still available for viewing today.  Feckless bankers don’t even come near a court of law and are paid off.  Rogue traders are sent to prison for a year or so, even if their criminal behaviour has destabilised or destroyed the institution they worked for, and undermined national economies.   Politicians proved criminal in their falsifying of expenses claims (or stealing, as you might want to more honestly call it) are sent to civilised goals for mere months.

When capitalists boast of having taken great risk and expect great reward for it, we should all be deeply suspicious.


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