Situated at Abertridwr, near Caerphilly, opened in 1898 by the Windsor Colliery Co Ltd

Windsor had two shafts North the upcast and South the downcast.

An accident occurred here on Sunday, June 1st 1902. Sinkers were at work deepening the shaft, when the platform on which they were working collapsed tipping the nine men into 25 feet of water, which had gathered in the sump. Three managed to escape drowning by clinging onto floating debris, but the other six lost their lives.
They were;

Brace, Edgar, single Church Road, Abertridwr
Davies, William, married, 3 children Caerphilly Road, Senghenydd
Davies, Thomas, married, 1 child High Street, Abertridwr
Mathews, Samuel, married, 1 child Commercial Street, Senghenydd
Richards, William, married, 1 child Han Road, Abertridwr
Woods, Griffith, married, 4 children of Han Road, Abertridwr

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