Amazing isn’t it?  Eton has educated 18 British Prime Ministers.  When David Cameron appointed his first cabinet 14 of its members were Old Etonians.

You’d think, coming from a school that was so obviously high-achieving, that various prime ministers of the past would want all schools to be like Eton, and would be pointing the state education system schools in the right direction, with smaller class sizes, better teachers and whatever other insights they might have gleaned from their time there.

And yet they’ve not sought to do so at all!

Astonishing, isn’t it?

It’s almost as though… they don’t want a country full of high achievers at all, but only a bunch of obedient workers who’ll service the requirements of the elite, and in return for paltry reward and a constant barrage of condescension.

It’s a plantation economy, folks.  The massa in the big white house on the hill, and the slaves pickin’ cotton in the fields.  Those old Etonians demand that the ordinary people of this country work – and for their profit of the elite.

Think of how many labour saving devices we’ve invented in the last 100 years.  Yet the working week has stayed exactly as long.  Who benefits from the greater productivity of the workforce?  Never the workers – always the elite.   Domestic work has been reduced to a variety of machines within the home, so much so that being a home maker is no longer a full time job.  So the women have to work as well now, making money for de massa, channeling all that new wealth upwards, so that now the top 1% of people own 99% of the wealth.

And send their kids to Eton.







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