To anyone who professes allegiance to a god or a church

“It’s been found via brain scans that God and the ego occupy the same region of the brain.

God is just the invention of the berserk human imaginatio­n. No matter how much imaginatio­n you use to conjure him up, no matter how articulate you are in advancing your arguments for him, that’s all he’ll ever be. A puppet show, where god is the puppet, and the animation is all the work and contrivanc­e of man.

Easy proof – once the puppeteers for all the various gods that have been conjured up have left the building, their gods just lie there lifeless in the gutter of the road from the past into the future.

Just a curiosity of anthropolo­gy.

No puppeteers – no god. Pull on all the strings with all the art and grace and sophistica­tion and delight in your craft that you are able to muster. While they move, the effect is often compelling­.

But there is no god. All there ever has been is the various puppet shows, and often the most successful ones have resulted in murder, human and animal misery, torture and death.

Tragically­, it’s still going on today, despite a beautiful swathe of better ideas.

And in the big tug-of-war for the heart of mankind, you’re pulling in the same direction as the suicide bombers and the abusing priests and the “send us all your money” evangelist­s.

Think harder. Wake up.”


One Response to To anyone who professes allegiance to a god or a church

  1. The Expulsion Of Gods says:

    Well put my friend!

    In the past I often wondered about whether a god really did exist…
    But, as I got older, and with my studies on religious teachings, history, people, and with the good fortune of always having a sense of realism, that’s when I realized at the age of just 17 that it was complete BS.

    No gods have ever existed…
    Only in the minds of those who wish for the control of others, and whom wish they themselves were one.

    May your life be long and joyful.

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