Rich Man, Poor Man, Human.

The rich will always seek to crush the poor and blame them for all ills, and the sadness is, the rich and the poor are equally human.   The rich seek to keep the land and buy education for their own children while hoping to further disadvantage the children of the poor by denying them access to education.

And it’s still happening.  Our current crop of Tory overlords are tweaking the system everywhere they think they can get away with it in favour of what they imagine to be “their own kind”.  Their failure is to be blind to the truth that if we create a fairer society, everyone, richer and poorer, will be happier.  Their even greater failure is in not appreciating that Britain is one of the richer and more sophisticated nations of the world, and should be providing a good example to other nations who aspire to a better standard of living.   But no.  The elite press only for their own cause.  Greed and fear is all they know, despite their expensive educations.


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