A pile of humans

Most human societies form the shape of a cone, with the powerful elite at the top and the powerless majority at the bottom.    We all instinctively know that you can take any one individual and they’ll easily adapt to being placed anywhere in the pile, particularly if you make the change at birth.  And yet we allow those at the top the denial that they are there because they deserve to be, and we condemn those at the bottom through the same twisted logic.  In the space between the two extremes, we all wiggle for position like a huge pile of maggots.  The middle classes ever aspiring to be slightly higher.  The upper classes ever aspiring to keep their place at the top.  The lower orders dispirited, used as cannon fodder, servants, workers, and discarded when no use can be found for them.  And should they rebel, resist or complain, they are called criminal and locked away, often for disproportionately long periods, to keep their peers cowed.

Yet we all know that as individuals, at birth, we are almost perfectly interchangeable.

We also know, although it’s not a popular idea to spread about, especially with the powerful elite, that in societies where the pile is not so steep sided, EVERYONE is happier.

At the rate a fingernail grows, we’re rescuing ourselves from the universal misery of elitist societies, mostly by accident as a result of the democratising effect of technology.

Do what you can to help humanity along.  Whenever you find the disease that is the huge set of lies that the rich deserve all their riches and the poor deserve their miserable lot in life, seek not just to cure the symptoms of the disease but also to work toward a cure for it.

The disease is the human condition.  It’s not the fault of the elite any more than it’s the fault of the poor, although you’d hope as a result of their expensive educations the rich would know better.    But every day, greed and fear serve to play us off against one another.

When will we learn?


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